Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Iran: Palestinian Reconciliation; Israel: Palestinian Division

Some absurdities are taking place in the happy Western world balance of Good ("the West"...oddly enough including War ally Australia) and Evil (the so-called "Middle East" "/" "Islamic World"). It is one of the members of the famed "Axis of Evil" (North Korea by the way has just asked to be excused from this list) Iran, who is hosting reconciliation talks between the various factions.

The Algerian ambassador in Cairo for his part has also called for a "fact-finding committee on Hamas' takeover Gaza Strip to become a reconciliation committee between the Palestinians."

Just a few weeks ago Palestinian premier had seemed to soften his hard line stance towards Hamas when he called for a
"return to national unity."

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office responded by stating that any Fatah-Hamas unification would cause "a breakdown of the diplomatic process", Abbas they said was "well aware" of their position. Israel seems to be quite fond of this (convenient) division.

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KGS said...

Here's what an Iranian in Finland had to say about his home country:
The(Finnish)Directorate of Immigration obviously deems Iran to be a safe country, also for women. We don't know what sources were used by the UVI in their decision making. However in 2006, Iraian police and security forces have arrested 977 000 women "for being improperly dressed". Of that number 4 740 are still in jail."

"People are continually being executed in Iran, for example, if they have participated in forbidden declarations or demonstrations. In August 2007 alone, 31 people were executed with 33 more awaiting execution. Last year 548 papers and publications were forbidden for political reasons. According to Iranian legislation, men have the right to determine women's status in marriage, and at the same time having the right to four wives."

There is no freedom of religion in Iran, nor especially any freedom to voice atheistic views or work in secular organizations. Deporting a women who fears above all else, deportation, is inhumane. It could lead to death before deportation. There are many incidents in Europe, in which desperate asylum seekers have commited suicide before their dportation."

When it comes to Hamas, as long as they reject the existence of the Jewish state of Israel, there is no dialogue with them. How could a non existent entity enter into talks with anyone?

On the contrary, it's Hamas which is fond of the division, and on continuing the fight, till its flag of Islam flies over all of Israel.