Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beirut-Cairo: Protesting Egypt's Wall of Shame

A protest organized in Cairo in coordination with activists in Beirut, called for an end to the construction of the Wall of Shame. The steel barrier being built between northern Sinai and the Gaza Strip will aid the Zionist strategy of increasing the siege on the population of the Gaza Strip. The wall is also trying to force Hamas into concessions with the Israeli policies that are not in the interest of the Palestinian public.
Over a hundred protesters from various parties and movements gathered at the Journalist Syndicate in downtown Cairo under the usual state security clampdown.
Ashraf from Arish, the bordering town to the Gaza Strip, explained the dangerous effects of the wall on regional politics. Never before has an Egyptian regime coordinated so closely with Zionist state policies. Never before have Egyptian politics reached so low a level that the Egyptian government allows for natural gas to be exported to Israel at subsidized prices while a crisis rages on Egyptian streets due to gas shortages.

Also briefly attending the protest was Gamal, a worker from the Tanta Flax Company. On their 36th day of strike and their 6th day (day and night) protest in front of the Prime Minister's Office the workers are demanding their rights. The representative stated his support for the protest against the Wall of Shame. A group of participants from the Gaza protest joined the Tanta Flax workers the same night.

The protest started a full week of actions protesting the Wall of Shame.