Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thoughts at Night.

The world is increasingly one of conflict. And we, those people longing for peace, seek means by which to find paths to resolution within it. For this, we must create, we must express, we must give into the world along with and while, we take, learn and breathe it in. But this process is often a painstaking one. At times we are overwhelmed by the complexity, by the depth of chasm that exists between the poor and the rich, between the unprivileged and the privileged, the voiceless and the powerful. And we, a very few, that find ourselves in the latter position but loathe the divide that exists, struggle and moan for a way that will unite us.
It is easy for things to remain as they are, transition only occurs with difficulty. And this inability to introduce change, this shortcoming, is the disease from which we suffer. The incompatibility of desire and capability, it is enough to drive us mad. We fight to undo the wrongs, to oppose the man and yet his looming shadow is so daunting, its absence is unimaginable and quite possibly impossible as its disappearance may very well imply its replacement with another such, maybe darker vision. After all we, the seekers of change bring out our own weaknesses, our own downfalls, our own darkness to the world’s table that is overturned. When is it ever standing upright, and when so, is it only in our own mind’s eye? We are tainted by our own experience, we are tainted by our own partialities and all of us simply fall short.

But we must struggle on, each in our own way to find a way to turn upright was is laid waste. Let us question our biases, our neighbor’s, family’s and friend’s givens, always open to our own possible miscalculations and despite these and in light of these expand the conception of our self to include the other who is weaker, more invisible and voiceless.