Thursday, February 15, 2007

Time for a change of hypocracy

Although for the past days few guns have been seen on the streets of Gaza, while I was getting a haircut near the president’s house last night, new barriers were being put up. Later that night president Mahmoud Abbas delayed his planned speech and murmurs started going around that things did not seem right. This morning, the Al-quds paper declared that Hamas had given three conditions to keeping the Mecca agreements, at which point things really didn’t seem right anymore. Throughout the day people seemed to be holding their breath as to what would happen next.

This evening the announcement came that the old Hamas government handed in their resignation and the Prime Minister is given five weeks to form the unity government.

Some thought this moment would not come for a long time, yet few are filled with hope, there is just too much uncertainty. How high will the price for this unity government be? Will outside pressure cease once the new government has been formed? No one has made any promises.

Of the three requirements the Quartet made of the Palestinian government, one of them, keeping to all past Palestinian treaties with Israel, was approved in Mecca. What remains is for the Palestinian government to recognize Israel and to renounce all violence. Once again, neither of these have been carried out by Israel, and no one is asking them to.

When will that ever change?

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