Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Mecca Pilgrimage

Celebration in Gaza over the Mecca Meeting last week, President and PM rejoice over agreeing to a unity government, the world frowns on an end to Palestinian bloodshed.

Khaled Mish'al
on the Mecca Accords.

All these smiles complicate efforts for

Uri Avnery writes of the
red herring of recognizing Israel.

Here he reflects on the main dilemma, peace or no peace:

If one thinks that peace is more important for Israel than expansion and settlements, one must welcome the change in the position of Hamas - as expressed in the Mecca agreement - and encourage it to continue along this road. The king of Saudi Arabia, who has already convinced the leaders of all Arab countries to recognize Israel in exchange for the establishment of the state of Palestine across the Green Line, should be warmly congratulated.

But if one opposes peace because it would fix the final borders of Israel and allow for no more expansion, one will do everything to convince the Americans and Europeans to continue with the boycott on the Palestinian government and the blockade of the Palestinian people.

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