Friday, February 18, 2011

Adam Hanieh, Egypt's Uprising

always worth reading: Adam Hanieh on Egypt's Uprising

neoliberalism has produced rapid growth rates but, simultaneously, it has led to worsening living standards for the majority of the population and the increased concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny minority (literally just a handful of families).
The highest ranks of Egypt's military should properly be considered as part of the capitalist class with significant economic interests that overlap with the state and private sector. Precisely because of the military's central role in sustaining U.S. power regionally, and its own stake in the reproduction of Egyptian capitalism, any belief that the Egyptian military is 'part of the people' or 'neutral and above politics' is a very dangerous illusion"

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Gazan said...

Great analysis! Btw, Adam is my dissertation supervisor. I have to say I am so lucky to have such a fantastic Palestinian supervisor.
Much love,