Saturday, January 23, 2010

Israel Determining Gaza's "Minimum" Level of Nutritional Subsistence?

On October 28 2009 Israeli Human Rights organization Gisha filed a case at an Israeli District Court calling for Israel to explain its policy on its siege on Gaza.

Gisha required an answer for the sporadic way that Israel runs the siege on Gaza. They demanded what criteria exist for the definition of "humanitarian" goods and how the list is determined on what is and is not permitted into Gaza.

In court again on January 21 the presiding judge was not pleased with the Israeli state spokesman's response who had claimed that a document on "red lines" that defines "minimum" nutritional subsistence levels for Gazans did not exist.

Guy Inbar, the spokesman of the Israeli Coordinator of Activities in the Territories wrote, "the office of the Coordinator of Activities examines the requirements of the Gaza population all the time"- like a prison warden.

The judge gave the occupying state 30 days to provide an explanation on how they are "putting Palestinians on a diet."

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Adam said...

CONGRATULATIONS to GISHA for all their ongoing work.

The collective punishment of 1.5 MILLION innocent men, women & children in Gaza (including frail people who are already mentally & physically tortured & stricken grief & despair) is a SIN against God, a SIN against humanity & a SIN against their own souls.

SHAME on the Israeli regime for this abomination. Shame on Obama, Brown & EU for FULLY SUPPORTING this crime against humanity. OBAMA-STOP PAYING THEM $10,000,000 per DAY of U.S. Taxpayers' money to do this crime.

Just remind me, WHAT was their justification??? Do they REALLY believe that GOD approves this evil?