Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My last two messages from S. in Northern Gaza

"The Israelis are here till now, they have not reaches ys yet but they are killing people at random. Many people are lying dead in the street. Death is coming towards us."
- January 5, 12:30

"I am in the house, The army is very close. The situation is very bad. We are going to lose cell phone coverage now."
- January 5, 15:42


Anonymous said...

....if one was to read world war 2 would see the terrible loss of life put on the germans and japanese..millions of civilians were killed.....gaza has over one million population.......israel if she wanted to...could kill 50k to 100.000k.....the fact that only 800 were proof that israel is being really carefull....and does not deserve the worlds tears...fact is..nobody gave a shit when 6.million jews went to their go to hell world

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? Seriously, do you need mental help?

Hey, I can go out and shoot someone but I don't. Do I deserve an award for that? Say I wanted to shoot someone in the head for no reason but I instead shot him in the stomache. Do I go to jail or do I get an award?

Israel is nothing but a terrorist state.