Saturday, January 24, 2009

How is the World Still Silent?

Graffiti left by an Israeli soldiers in a house in Jabaliya

The streets leading from the seriously-damaged Wafa rehabilitation center in Shejaiyeh were filled with black filth smelling of sewage. The hospital -- attacked on 12 January with a chemical bomb that may well have been white phosphorus and which set fire to the roof, and whose four different buildings were shelled intensely on 15 January -- is trying to rebuild and reopen, as is the shelled, burned, seriously-damaged al-Quds hospital in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City.

Even today, after mentioning to the Canadian TV crew accompanying me that fire blobs had burned up 'til yesterday, we found still more blobs spread out, smoldering and willingly breaking into white smoking fires anew. I have seen this often enough now. They were impressed by it, by the fact that it's now eight days after the fire and the blobs are still simmering, smoldering, ready to flame up.

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Anonymous said... is so simple...if the pal.leaders would just say and is more dying for iran or for syria or the more of our people shall die for some crazy insane heroric dream...... we no longer wil attack israel...period...all we want is a land ..we will not arm ourselves..we will no longer teach hatred or revenge....then you will have peace and a palestinian state