Saturday, December 27, 2008

For This I Have No Words


Paul Nix said...

my prayers are with you and your country.
may god give you strength during this time, keep going, you're doing great things, fight the good fight.
love you bro,


northshorewoman said...

Once again Israel and their US-made war machine cause a terrible tragedy and suffering from the people of Gaza. These war crimes will one day be apparent to all. May the occupation end and injustice end and Israeli state terrorism end and world apathy end. Our thoughts our with the people of Gaza.

KGS said...

Place the blame where it belongs, squarley on Hamas' shoulders and the people who support them.

Typical Hamas: Thmping the chest and daring Israel to strike, people crowd the streets and cheer them on, then when the sh*t hits the fan, its.....we are the victims.


Roz in California said...

just want to tell you we are thinking of you and would give you a hug and a cookie if we could
going to demonstration at Israeli consulate tomorrow in San Francisco even though pretty sure nobody but those driving past will even know it happened
but keep your courage and, most of all, please hold on to your sense of the ridiculous. it may not save your life, but it will save your sanity!

Anonymous said...

Problem is that Gaza starting asking for it when they voted in the Hamas. You can't expect Israel to not eventually respond to that. Hamas, whether we like it or not, is considered to be a terrorist organization. Sooner or later, 'terrorists' are attacked. Plus, we've only seen force being used by the Hamas, and when your enemy is far far stronger, you don't use force... you don't go that way... you use diplomacy, negotiation, and the Hamas, I'm sorry, doesn't communicate very well.

Vivo said...

There is simply no excuse or justification for targeting civilians! My thoughts are with the people of Gaza and am horrified and disgusted by what is happening. Keep the courage to resist and above all, please keep safe.