Sunday, December 7, 2008

Egyptian Shame

AP- Egyptian police have confiscated whole herds of sheep and cattle set to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip ahead of a major Islamic holiday through the tunnels running underneath border, a security official said Saturday.

The official said that 17 sheep were confiscated on Saturday just as smugglers began to introduce them into the tunnel in an area just north of the divided border city of Rafah.


Shimshon said...

Oops - now you also blame Egypt for your own Sh**t? Get rid of your radical terrorists leaders in Gaza and then show the world you have changed and then you might be able to live in peace. Maybe?!

Andry Ignatov said...

why, can't Egyptian and Gazans move sheep across border legaly??


fjb said...

There are many out here in the world who wouldn't dream of being ignorant enough to blame you for the way you have been treated all these years. We fully understand the atrocious crimes against humanity which have been committed against you. I won't give up hope that one day Israel enters into the 21st century with grace, dignity, compassion, and tolerance.

Anonymous said...

They might have confiscated them and stuff, but when you're dealing with illegal things anyway, there are no rules.

ثورة قاوم said...

Well of course everyone knows you can smuggle weapons in sheep (Insert sarcasm here)