Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaked Red Cross Report: Chronic malnutrition in Gaza

"People are selling assets, slashing the quality and quantity of meals, cutting back on clothing and children's education, scavenging for discarded materials – and even grass for animal fodder – that they can sell and are depending on dwindling loans and handouts from slightly better-off relatives."

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fjb said...

I've recently become involved with an organization by the name of Witness. If you haven't already heard of it, please have a look. The world needs to hear and see the stories of every day Palestinians, and Witness is perhaps the best platform for this to be achieved.

I've come to realize that trying to encourage people to care about Palestine by blogging, based on biased reporting that media chooses to show, is much like spitting in the wind. If you like what you see at Witness I hope you will consider joining us. Your story needs to be heard.

Anonymous said...

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