Sunday, July 6, 2008

Critical Lawsuit Against Israel's Military

A groundbreaking lawsuit is being filed in Spanish Courts accusing seven former senior Israeli military officials of war crimes. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights filed the lawsuit on behalf of six Palestinians who survived an Israeli extra judicial execution operation in the Gaza Strip in July 2002. This is the first time survivors of an Israeli military attack have filed a lawsuit against members of the Israeli military in Spain.

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Abe Bird said...

There is no legal basic for such lawsuit. Each country has its rights to defends herself from any terror, even from Arab terror.
The habit of Arab Palestinians to hide behind women and children put the blame of any casualty on the Arab shoulders, even if Israel bombs those civilians by mistake.
The situation that Israel exists in makes her oblige first to defend her citizens and later the Arab ones.
Any way, the Arab terror groups endanger deliberately both.