Monday, May 19, 2008

Support a Film on Non-Violent Resistance

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Anonymous said...

Human Rights Watch has urged the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip to investigate the abduction and alleged torture of three Palestinians by Islamic Jihad, which accused them of spying for Israel.

The three were seized by the terror organization on May 20, and accused of helping Israeli forces kill several of Jihad's operatives, including one of its leaders. (Reuters)

M.A.P. said...

Hello Phillip. Its Adam from last summer. I wanted to let you know that we finished and have begun screening Handala. Thus far screenings have gone quite well. I will be returning to Palestine with my wife (by then)to study in Dehiesheh. I will be bringing copies of the film to give to (and hopefully watch with) folks like yourself that were involved in the film making process. I am assuming you are still in Cairo? Where will you be from September-late december? I would love to meet up with you. My email is

Cheers! P.S. any plans to return to Gaza in the next months? I think I am going to try to get back in for a time.