Sunday, April 27, 2008

Absolute Devastation

tonight i talked to jamal in gaza. he has not worked in a month because there is no gas in gaza for his taxi. i asked him how he is surviving, he was embarrassed to talk, he said there is always one of the family fasting, they have nothing to live on. we cried together on the phone, he spends his days on the internet and watching tv. that there is, but food there isn't.

this is UNRWA's statement to the press about gaza from april 23rd, but no one seems to notice. gaza has become old news.

world WAKE UP!
This is a deepening scar on the moral record of this generation, it will not go unanswered for.


algarabia said...

Shukran yazilan! I'll try to spread the word about the UNWRA document.
Unfortunately, our governments here in Europe are coward and servile, but many people supports the Palestinian people and struggle to make his voice listened.

All my support from Spain. I'll send this document to the Spanish Foreign Minister, Moratinos. He should know it, but maybe if many people send it to him...


Anonymous said...

"Hamas' government in the Gaza Strip asked a striking Palestinian fuel association on Sunday to resume deliveries in the impoverished territory, a Hamas official said.
Israel said that attacks by Palestinian gunmen at border crossing have forced them to temporarily close crossings used to provide supplies to Gaza's 1.5 million residents.
The Hamas official said that Israeli officials have told Egypt and the United Nations fuel supplies to Gaza would increase once the tanks are emptied."

Anonymous said...

"Hamas militiamen in the Gaza Strip on Sunday attacked fuel trucks headed toward the Nahal Oz border crossing, forcing them to turn back, sources in the Palestinian Petroleum Authority said.

The fuel was supposed to go to the UN Relief and Works Agency [UNRWA] and hospitals in the Gaza Strip, the sources said.

"Dozens of Hamas militiamen hurled stones and opened fire at the trucks," the sources added. "The trucks were on their way to receive fuel supplied by Israel. The drivers were forced to turn back. Some of them had their windshields smashed."

The Palestinian Petroleum Authority reached an agreement with Israel over the weekend to receive 250,000 liters of fuel after UNRWA complained that it did not have enough fuel to distribute food aid to more than 500,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip."

Anonymous said...

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry also accused Hamas of blocking fuel supplies to hospitals and clinics in the Gaza Strip. The ministry said Hamas gunmen opened fire at a number of trucks that were trying to transfer fuel to the hospitals and clinics.

Eyewitnesses in Gaza City said that at least on four occasions over the past few weeks, Hamas militiamen confiscated trucks loaded with fuel shortly as they were on their way from Nahal Oz to the city.

They added that the fuel supplies were taken to Hamas-controlled security installations throughout the city.

"Hamas is taking the fuel for it the vehicles of is leaders and security forces," the eyewitnesses said. "Because of Hamas's actions, some hospitals have been forced to stop the work of ambulances and generators."

PA officials in Ramallah said Hamas's measures were aimed at creating a crisis in the Gaza Strip with the hope that the international community would intervene and force Israel to reopen the border crossings.

"As far as we know, there is enough fuel reaching the Gaza Strip," the officials said. "But Hamas's measures are aimed at creating a crisis. Hamas is either stealing or blocking most of the fuel supplies."

They pointed out that last week Hamas dispatched hundreds of its supporters to Nahal Oz to block the fuel supplies from Israel. Hamas claimed that the protest was organized by farmers and fishermen demanding an end to the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The officials also noted that the shortage in fuel supplies has created a high-priced black market for individuals and institutions.

UNRWA workers admitted over the weekend that Hamas had prevented some fuel trucks from entering the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has also been exerting pressure on the Gaza Petrol Station Owners Association to close down their businesses so as to aggravate the crisis. Some of the station owners and workers said they were afraid to return to work after receiving death threats from Hamas militiamen and ordinary residents desperate to purchase gas and diesel for their vehicles.

fjb said...

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has voted unanimously to support the boycott of Israel, and officially recognizes Israeli Apartheid. CUPW is one of the largest and strongest unions in Canada. This is just the beginning, as they are calling on all other Unions in North America to do the same.

We, as individuals and organizations are finally realizing that we can't rely on governments to make positive changes for us, we the people hold the key to change and it's time to turn it. When open minded thinkers of the East and West unite, we'll be unstoppable.

Joshua said...

What's tragic is that most are aware that this is going on and are either (a) too spineless to take on the power of pro-Israel zealots or (b) would rather care more for their own personal discreptancies domestically. The Gaza Strip is way too detached from their own reality to care for and because the media is so unbalanced that most would feel that this is just punishment for the Palestinians who engage in "terrorism" and vote for "terrorists". Slowly the awareness is creeping in but how much longer can the Gazans continue to live like this?