Saturday, March 8, 2008

International Women's Day: The Women of Palestine

The Worker Federation of Trade Unions dedicates this year’s Women’s Day to the women of Palestine, to the mothers of Gaza, to the girls in Ramalha who are facing today new barbarian attacks from the Israeli army.

Let’s express all together our Internationalist solidarity to the women of Palestine and to their heroic struggles.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I was attracted to this site in the hope to find fresh information about Gaza, its people, and everyday life, a glance from below so to speak. But I realize it is pure Hamas propaganda couched in the form of journalism. I hope the other readers realize this.

Anonymous said...

From AlJazeera:

"The debate quickly moved to the events in Gaza, which have already been compared to a holocaust in the Arab world.

"When a person detonates himself he becomes a terrorist, but when a people and an entire state are destroyed it's human?" the host asked.

Sultan replied, "Why are they angry about what is happening in Gaza. The Koran has already told them, 'Kill or get killed.' So they kill and get killed. What is wrong with that? They want to die as shahids (martyrs). They want to meet their black-eyed virgins. Israel helps them meet them, so what's wrong with that?

"If you want to change things, you must reexamine your terror studies; honor the other's right to live; preach love, peace and coexistence to your children. When you do that, the world will respect you, see you differently and portray you differently."

J-Mac said...

Hey Philip I met you in Bethlehem over the summer. Randomly found the address of your blog.

You are an inspiration.

I have been writing about the Gaza situation on my blog

I want to do more!

Chimay said...

No anonymous,

it is not Hamas propaganda. Your comment is a sign that you're just another one of those people who hate to face the facts about what's going on the other side of borders.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this sentence: "They want to die as shahids (martyrs). They want to meet their black-eyed virgins. Israel helps them meet them, so what's wrong with that." YOU are a racist stupid person who really knows nothing about muslims and Islam or about Palestine and Palestinians. Let me remind you that the struggle of Palestinians is national, and not a religious struggle. Palestinians are not only muslims, there are also christians- as well as jews.

The fact is STUPID: ISRAEL IS A TERRORIST STATE and you will not succeed in comprehending this fact, ever!! And to be honest people like you aren't important and don't count.

Free Palestine- all of Palestine!!