Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Types of our Dead

These Reports from Haaretz ( Qassam strike kills 7 cows on kibbutz near Gaza, Nov. 13) and IMEC- (Israeli army kills two Palestinian children in central Gaza, Nov. 10) respectively.

Seven cows were killed at Kibbutz Zikim near Gaza yesterday in a Qassam rocket attack, and a number of workers were treated for shock.

Palestinian medical sources on Saturday evening reported that three Palestinians, two of them children, had been killed in the Gaza Strip during the course of the day.

Kibbutz members said that because of the attack, milk production was expected to fall over the coming days.

An eyewitness said that "following the alarm we heard a very loud explosion. The Qassam fell a few meters from where the workers were sitting, and we were lucky that no one was injured.

Of those killed, one is thought to have been a member of a Palestinian resistance faction. The identity of the man remains unknown.

"Five cows were killed instantly, and two had to be put down for humanitarian reasons." Veterinarians are trying to save four other cows.

Later in the afternoon, two children, both brothers, were shot and killed by Israeli forces invading the al-Mughazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Even though it was still not possible to assess the physical damage to the cow shed, a kibbutz member said that "cows that are anxious eat less and produce less milk."

The two children were identified as Jihad Nabahen, 16, and his brother Ibrahim, 17.


KGS said...


Another story that with holds the context. Are you saying that these to youngsters were not doing anything? Hmmmm?

Kate's Typewriter said...

Nothing that merited death, presumably, kgs.

KGS said...

Thanks for that revealing statement Kate.

The two brothers were approaching the security fence on the border with Israel and Gaza, that every Palestinian "knows is an off limits area with serious consequences"

That the Arabs use these youths in order to hopefully draw Isralis into circumventing their own rules of engagement does not bother you?

It is well known that the border fence area IS OFF LIMITS. Why they were there in the first place is a matter of speculation, but in past instances where the intent of kidnapping Israli soldiers was real, these youths were up to no good.

Cvi said...

We have again a definition of 16 and 17 year olds as "children". 16 - 17 year olds can be definitely active terrorist (or again - resistance fighters or whatever you call them). Anyway, "children" is misleading.

Becka said...

Actually according to the International Law of Youth Rights, youth from the ages of 15-18 are recognized as children.So if you want to argue that calling them children is misleading, then you need to argue that case with the United Nations, not with Tabula.

Also, what bothers me about this current situation is not that "Arabs use these youth in order to hopefully draw Isralis into circumventing their own rules of engagement" it is that they do not follow their own rules of engagement to begin with! Besides just what rules of engagement are you referring to? It's common knowledge that the Israeli military does not follow the rules of engagement according to the Geneva convention, so just for clarification, what rules of engagement do you believe the Israeli military is obliged to follow?

Cvi said...

Some dictionary definitions:
"A child (plural: children). Precise definitions vary; is the offspring, of any age, of two people. The American Heritage Dictionary defined a child as an individual who has not yet reached puberty."

child (plural children)
1. A son or daughter.
Her child is in 1st grade.

2. A young person, a minor, especially one who has not yet entered into puberty.
That child is up to no good.

According to dictionary definitions, it is misleading. Legal language is not the everyday language. I don't know the details of this case, but definitely there are 16-17 year old dangerous terrorists.

Becka said...

Nice try, but those def. will not hold up in an international court of law. Try again.

Ibtisam Amel said...

Regardless of the above argument, this post is powerful. Thanks.

KGS said...

16 to 17 yr olds are tried as adults in civil courts depending on the severity of the crime, and whether they fully comprehended what they were doing.


om in israel said...

The reason that HUNDREDS of innocent children are not killed in Sderot and surrounding towns every month or even week is that they spend their entire lives inside, within a 10-second dash of a bomb shelter. While children in Gaza play outside. To then come and complain that "only" cows die in Israel is ridiculous. If the two teens who died in Gaza had been hiding in a bomb shelter all day instead of wandering around by the security fence (why?) they wouldn't have been killed either.

Becka said...

They are tried in Civilian courts in the United States, but in an international court they would still be tried as children.