Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yousef Krauss- A dreary Ramadan descends on Gaza

GAZA CITY (AFP) — On a normal Ramadan evening Kazem's ice cream shop in Gaza City would be packed, with a mob of people pressing towards the counter and cars jamming the street outside.

But on the first weekend of this year's Muslim holy month no more than a dozen people were waiting and the street in front was clear. Weary Gazans had broken the fast, said their final daily prayers and decided to stay indoors.

"Because of all the problems between Fatah and Hamas the people are at home, afraid," said Faris Kafarna, 25, as he walked past Kazem's on his way home.

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r'na said...

I LOVE Kazem's buzzah. I remember buying some for my little cousins and walking back to tata's to enjoy it.

There is NOTHING like it here in the USA.