Friday, August 17, 2007

UN: Gaza risks economic collapse

How long will the UN have to go on making statements of this kind and the world sits idly by?

"The Gaza Strip is in danger of a general economic collapse, unless Karni crossing, the main point of entry for commercial goods into the territory, is reopened soon."

The assistant deputy commissioner general of the UNRWA went on,

“Gaza risks becoming a virtually 100 percent aid-dependent, closed-down and isolated community within a matter of months or even weeks,” said Filippo Grandi. “The window of opportunity in which we can address this most urgent situation is small and fast closing.”

1.49 million Palestinians in Gaza. 100 percent aid-dependent. Is anyone reading this?


Joe said...


Palestinians are terrorists, so obviously it is ok to let them die.

jon said...

If one reads Sara Roy's "The Gaza Strip: The political economy of de-development" (IPS, 1995) - the clear answer is not only 'no', it is 'that's the point'.

Yasmine said...

welcome back philip.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting line of argumentation.
The Palestinians tell the Israelis top stop the occupation and get the hell out. We do not need the Israelis.
Now the Palestinians are begging Israel to come back in to "assume" their responsibilities. In the meantime these requests based on true virtue of wanting progress are backed up by Qassam rockets and crazy fundamentalist Islam.
Is this some sort of cartoon game?

Karin said...

I'm reading this, but I can't do much to change the situation except repeat what you've said on my own blog in the hope that they reach a wider audience.

Solomon2 said...

It's what happens in rent-seeking societies without a strong rule-of-law: they learn to beg from the outside while ripping everything off on the inside, destroying everybody's job prospects.

The answer is usually to restructure the welfare program to provide different marginal incentives. In this case, given the fact that the population as a whole can be considered hostile due to its democratic election of a parliamentary body devoted to genocide, withholding supplies until the population becomes convinced that welfare is not an entitlement would seem to be in order.