Friday, August 24, 2007

Film: Occupation 101

Another film very much worth your time.

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KGS said...

1.) The basic goal of the IRA was to unite Ireland, which also meant bringing Ireland to Ulster, but NOT to London.

2.) The IRA had never sought to replace England with Ireland, it was never an IRA goal.

3.) The IRA had never aimed to destroy Britain, or to chase every last Protestant out of Ireland.

The same cannot be said of Hamas, and if you scratch a little bit beneath the veneer of their "supposed moderation", the majority of Fattah would like nothing better than to eradicate the Jewish state from the region as well.

Yes it's true that the IRA they saw Britain as the enemy, loathed them and murdered its citizens, but they never denied the legitimacy of the British state.

IRA leaders never gave blood curling lectures and sermons lauding the day when there would be no England, when Catholic rule would reign in Britain.

The mosques in the area in which you currently reside, continually echo with the calls for death of Jews and the Jewish states can you ignore these matters?