Monday, July 9, 2007

Hamas frees another hostage

Hamas proves yet once again it is able to control security matters in the Gaza Strip. Today Hamas forces freed a captive lioness from a renowned drug and weapon-selling clan in Gaza. The lioness was returned clawless and toothless to Gaza’s zoo. The lioness's captor shows quite a different pose to one he had just months ago when he was reported to have marched Gaza's streets with the lioness on a leash.

As I was driving with Dr Attalah yesterday a Hamas security force member came up to our vehicle and kindly asked if we were intending to turn right, as we were lined up on the right side of the street. Upon admitting this was the case the armed policeman politely requested we turn our blinkers on.

Hamas is astoundingly improving traffic with religious zeal and is continuing its program of law and order and yet its leadership seems to show no signs of having any strategy to break Gaza’s economic deadlock. Gaza’s new realities may be causing Gazans to flock to the beach and yet are doing little to quench Palestinians deep fear of what the future is to bring.


Imagio Dei said...

great story about the traffic laws and Hamas! i especially have to laugh since back in 1993 when i was able to visit my grandmother i watched Gaza's first traffic lights being installed in a post-Oslo world.


Hoots said...

This reads like a brilliant metaphor for the release of the British journalist and the power structure's ability to employ "bread and circuses" as political distractions. I especially like the line "...kindly asked if we were intending to turn right..." I saw an image of a mob boss smiling, saying quietly to someone "I'll make you a deal you cannot refuse."

Anonymous said...

so charming, let's all move to Gaza