Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday At the Beach in Gaza

In Gaza the beach is more packed than ever

Everyone's at the beach

Hamas is still permitting a little dancing

Hamas members play volleyball

Hamas is still allowing cigarettes to be sold, but the closure does not make for much choice

Going Home


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Gaza has beautiful and warm beaches, just like the people. Just don't let the jellies bite you.

I wish I was able to get permission from the Israelis in and visit my grandmother, cousins, aunt and uncles.

I am back in the USA and thankful to be on Freer soil. Hours of Israeli detention is a downer. At least I made it to Ramallah, what a gem! And videotaped Nakba/ expulsion stories of the elderly.

Long live the Palestinian people, may God's mercy bring you through this summer.

Our thought and prayers are with the people.

USA, r'na

kuu said...

Fil bahar :) Too bad you have to be dressed to go swimming - then again, what can you do? Can't wait, maybe I'll try it this time around.
Hahaha, the horse is surreal! Take care Philip.


Anonymous said...

in other words, happy people look at Hamas with joy and gratitude.

socialism realized

mendel yoni said...

Dear photographer,

I need to use some of the pictures. I am an Israeli reporter working for a news site, and currently write an article about the beaches in Gaza. I made inteviews with some officials at the Gaza Municipality as well as with palestinian life-guards. However, I do not have so many good pictures. please contact me to confirm the use of photos. thank you very much, yoni (Walla News) email address: