Monday, July 16, 2007

Darwish: "Public Suicide"

On Monday the Arab League, imprisoned Fatah Tanzim leader Marwan AlBarghouthi, Hamas hardliner Dr Mahmoud A-Zahar and Hamas' political bureau chief Khaled Misha'l all called for dialogue between the two factions. This came after Micha'l admitted to mistakes undertaken by Hamas during their military takeover of the Gaza Strip a month ago. Yet, the actions taken by the two groups in the past days seem ever further from these spoken words.

Monday Hamas replaced the Fatah city countil of Rafah, promising to do the same in other Fatah lead cities across the Gaza Strip. Abbas' new caretakever government promptly rejected any contact with the new council. Meanwhile in the West Bank Mahmoud Abbas recently blamed Hamas for allowing Alqaeda to take root in Gaza while backing Israel in calling for the opening of the Israeli-run Karm Abu Salim border crossing which would successfully seal the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza and completely sever Hamas contact with the outside world. Dialog does not seem to be on the horizon.

During his first appearance in Haifa after 35 years of exile Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish declared sarcastically, "We became independent, Gaza became independent of the West Bank... for one people, two countries, two prisons." The poet labeled the infighting a "public attempt at suicide."

For his part George Bush called for a new peace conference which he says
will be "a moment of choice" for Palestinians to choose between Islamist Hamas and Abbas' moderate leadership. Hamas spokesman Ismail Rodwan responded saying, "such a summit will lead to increased pressure on Abbas, and will tear a deeper rift between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank."


un autre said...

One wonders what is left of Mahmoud Abbas's sense of self-dignity.
When he said against all logic that Hamas was hosting Al Qaeda, he showed himself lower than Bush's foot-leaking dog, so the question is: does he really want to shame Palestinians so much that he will be moved out of the presidency?
does he fear for his life from Dahlan & Company?
Has Hosni Mubarak sensed it, calling for dialogue between the two parties?
Abu Azen really didn't have to go as far as he did, even for the lame politician that he is.
So there's somethin'cooking.

Anonymous said...

So what is new about local councils being replaced by central goverment. The Mother of Parliaments was used by the U.K. Conservative Party to replace the London County Council (started out solidly Conservative but ended up solidly Labour) with the Greater London Council (again started out solidly Conservative and ended up solidly Labour).

That great democrat Margaret Thatcher then disbanded the Greater London Council because it was standing up against her.

Welcome to the hypocritical world of western politics.

dancewater said...

there is no way that Hamas would promote or even tolerate al Qaeda.

no way