Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Arming of Anarchy

This from an article in Haaretz speaking of Bush's new plan for the Middle East to be announced later this month:

"The officials said the Americans see increasing military aid to Israel and supplying new American weapons to the Gulf states as important steps to bolster the moderate countries in the region and counter Iran's rising strength."

Enough weapons to stop the problems of the world. Violence and further supplying of arms is not the answer to these ills. I am sick of seeing my friends here look to the leaders of various factions, or some outside power's military as a savior to their social strife. I don't want to hear another person or politician or government tell me who they think is the right party or group to be armed, enough weapons! Enough worshiping the idol or war!

There is clear documentation that the US and Israel have been arming Fatah's factions, Hamas and others are being armed by other players in the Middle East. Such arming is the path to this death we see today and it makes me angry.

A home next to the president's is set on fire,
in another day of inter-fighting 23 are reported killed,
over 50 injured


Joe said...

Absolutely right, Philip.

KGS said...

Unfortunately, until the Palestinians become an united people under one rule of law and its government ensuring the civil/human rights of its citizens, with one military subservient to its civilian rule, the mayhem will continue.

While it's easy to blame outside forces, the Palestinians themselves own this one all by themselves.