Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Burning buildings in Gaza City

Earlier today a building a few minute from my place was taken by Hamas militants. A neighboring building was occupied by Fatah forces and fire was exchanged throughout the day. Eventually the building occupied by Hamas was surrounded by Fatah forces, the Hamas members inside have now set it on fire. Hamas has reportedly occupied other buildings in a Fatah dominated area of Gaza City.

My friend Abu Wa'al and
his family have had to leave their home and are sleeping in the school he works at because armed militants are squatting on the roof of their building.

The Aljazeera office in Gaza City is under fire with 30 journalists locked inside it.

Qassams struck Sderot close to the home of Israeli Minister of Defense Amir Peretz and Israel has vowed to retaliate appropriately.

Eeports have been heard that when Israel bombed Hamas headquarters in Rafah, where factional inter-fighting has not yet reached, Fatah members came to their rescue and pulled them out from beneath the rubble.

Hamas has announced a cease-fire to begin at 8pm.

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian president has called all parties to hold their fire.


sara without an 'h' said...

i rely on your blog for accurate updates on the tragic unfolding of events in gaza. thank you for bearing witness, for sharing stories, for truth-telling.

Madelyn said...

We're remembering you - and your poor friends and neighbors- to the Father.

Anonymous said...

Just curious why do you describe members of Hamas who overtook buildings as "militants", and Fateh members who did the same simply as "forces" ?