Saturday, December 17, 2011

Updated: Few images of military attack on Tahrir square december 17 despite media blackout

First military attack on Tahrir square by @mostafasheshtawy

Army solider strip the shirt off a female protestor beat and abuse her

if you look closely you see the attack on her and what appears to be a young boy from another angle

One of the final livestreams of the military attack on Tahrir square

all live streams shut down in attempt for media blackout

Tents before

and after the attack

the field hospital in the middle of the square reportedly had the same plight

more raw footage of blatant military violence, live fire wounds on demonstrators

main road to Tahrir square closed off with a barricade and then later with a wall

Next military clear nearby squares

and chase protesters into the upper class nieghborhood of zamalek

later in the early afternoon

This report from aljazeera english was their last

soon thereafter

In his public address, the Ganzouri reiterates a promise he made when the military generals appointed him after the most recent massacre in Tahrir square end of November

"I said and I am still reiterating that we will never confront any peaceful demonstrations with any kind of violence, even the verbal kind," he said. "I am committed to this."

after seeing these images, judge for yourself

other reports of cameras confiscated, broken, journalists harassed and threatened by phone

thank you world for believing in our "democratic transition," this is why we don't go to vote. the generals overseeing this massacre oversee our elections

the reason we held the #occupycabinet sit-in at the parliament building was to protest the illegitimacy of the appointment of x-muburak era prime minister kamal ganzouri who justified all these attacks, calling to an end to military trials of civilians, calling for the trial of those carrying out these violent crimes

in an attempt to quash any resistance to the illegitimate military that is trying to snuff out a revolutionary spirit of a people suppressed and exploited for decades

around 6pm December 17th a massive march streams into Tahrir square in memory of Sheikh Effat, one of the demonstrators the military had murdered the day before.

and all this in light of yesterdays violent attacks, arrest, torture, murder of demonstrators

that all began with the kidnap and torture of one protester called Aboudi from the #occupycabinet sit-in

more videos here