Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Notes From Phone Conversation w/ Dr Attalah Tarazi Jan 6, 23:30

The numbers of death and injured reported in the media are far below reality as the media is not able to cover incidents as they unfold. I know of cases where homes were surrounded by the Israeli army and people inside gave themselves up and were shot anyway when they exited.

When bakeries open there are thousands lining up to get their share of bread

A clinic near my hospital was hit by an Israeli missile earlier today

What is taking place is a massacre, more than a massacre

Almost all the cases I saw today at the hospital were civilians, many women and children. This is not an attack on Hamas, it is on the most innocent of people in Gaza

6 ambulance staff members have been killed. Two ambulances were hit. Nothing is safe, nowhere is safe. No moving vehicle is safe. We are afraid for our lives. There is no differentiation between Hamas and Fatah or anyone else

We have witnessed weapons we have never seen before in our lives. Some explode in the sky and scatter bombs all over. Sporadically. I have smelt smells from some of the burns and wounds that I have never before witnessed

Thousands have fled their homes and gathered in UN schools for shelter. one such school was hit earlier today. 45 people were killed

People gathering in these schools fleeing their homes are without food, without blankets, without clothes

May god protect us, may god have mercy on us

The Israeli military is attacking us from air, land and sea. we have no where to go

The Israeli army often hits a building 2 or 3 times. when an F 16 hits a target all the buildings around it are targeted

We get the feeling no one is asking about us, the world is not even
noticing this is going on, no one cares


CleaningCranberry said...

I guess maybe the terrorists should have thought about this before they started firing rockets into Israel...

I guess you give and never expect to have it given back to you... reap what you sow

Anonymous said...

we care. i care. how do we help?

Anonymous said...

Yes Shades, that is what every genocidal maniac does, they blame their victims. But then, you clearly are a genocidal maniac.

CleaningCranberry said...

So the fact that I stand up for Israel's rights to defend their citizens and country against a group of homicidal terrorists makes ME a genocidal maniac?

So be it - may the corpse's of Hamas and those around them rot in their own camel dung, and may the stench of eternal death and damnation plague their country.

You deserve to stand next to them, as they reap what they sow, for supporting their attacks on Israel.

Israel should have done what they are doing now, YEARS ago.
The scum that is being killed now, are the same scum and camel dung that cheered in the streets when NYC's Twin Towers fell - they deserve to be wiped out, along with their families

Anonymous said...

We care. I care. I will be on the demonstration on Saturday.

As a Jew I am utterly opposed to the state of "Israel" and the massacres carried out in my name. Shame on people who think this is justified!

Anonymous said...


if you were a good jew, you wouldnt be protesting on saturday

you would be in synagogue praying

you are a jew in name only

who cares what you do

Anonymous said...

Shades you ol' Nazi, you are below contempt. May your death one day be as cruel and painful as the ones you are excusing.

Anonymous said...

Stop the labels, as human beings we should all feel ashamed that this is going on. Not just in Gaza, but all the atrocities that we all sit by and wait for someone else to bring help to...

Anonymous said...

the Tarazi's of Gaza are our family, God Bless Them and Keep The Safe, as well as all Gazans.

julia said...

I care

Anonymous said...

We must be careful now. The horrible crimes by the Israelite Military must not lead to Antisemitism.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty... I was never a big defender of the different Israeli governments that had take place over the years nor their politics, but this "war" is a bitter and terrible right of the Israeli people in my eyes. As much as I hate myself for saying that, but civilists can't be protected in a war that is fought in the most over-populated place on earth, and no military in this world could find a way to end the diferences between the Hamas and Israel in a peacefull way. Once again, democracy will be washed in blodd. But still, I choose democracy over religious zealots who write the will to destroy a whole Nation and kill every individual of a whole race...

Anonymous said...

I see my children in the faces of the Palestinian children.
They are as my own.
I cry every day for the people of Gaza.There are people out here who care.
I found someone to cover at work for me for two hours tomorrow so I can go to the demonstration in my city and will be donating some money to a charity assisting the people of Gaza next week when I get paid.
I pray for those who are being terrorized.
Most of all I try to talk about this with as many people as I can so people can be informed.

Our hearts are with the people of Gaza.

What is being done to them can only be described as PURE EVIL.

The Israeli and US Governments are THE WORLD'S TERRORISTS.
Those who disagree are of the same ilk...or, are simply in dire need of illumination in the form of correct information and a brief but thorough history lesson.

SHAME on them.
Shame on my government!

The anger wells up in me when I think of the injustice in this world.
I hope there is an afterlife so these tortured terrorized victims torn from their loved ones will find eternal comfort, love and peace and hopefully, restoration of their family bonds.

For the Israeli and American terrorists, and for those who stand idly by (---or worse, those who condone these assaults and occupations) I hope they are held to account...and made to feel, TENFOLD, the agony (psychological, emotional,spiritual and physical) they have visited upon each and every human being terrorized by their inhumanity.

As a Canadian Mother I stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine, with all my heart and soul.

CleaningCranberry said...

All you bleeding heart whiners claiming to care... watch this video, and then tell me how much you care about the fact that those doing what is shown in this video are being slaughtered.

I'd line up in a firing line to get a chance at these dogs... the deserve nothing more than a bullet in the head for what they do

Anonymous said...

..shades is mostly right...he just gets carried away...a note to hrb...these people who you are crying about...would tear you to pieces given half a and the legion of liberal stupidjews who are cheering for the palestinians are beneath contempt..those arabs you cry for call you usefull idiots...laugh behind your backs..and say in they will kill you when they no longer need your help...they have no respect for rats and turncoats...look what they do to a rabs they suspect help israel....